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Elevate your surroundings with the artistic vision of a skilled photographer, specializing in residential, commercial, and diverse property photography, both inside and out, as she effortlessly blends creativity and professionalism to capture the essence of your spaces.

Areas of Expertise

Employing meticulous aerial photography to capture stunning bird's-eye views, showcasing the allure and architectural beauty inherent in real estate landscapes.
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Elevating the allure of Airbnb rentals through captivating aerial photography, providing a unique perspective that highlights the charm and surroundings of each property.
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Transforming commercial landscapes with dynamic photography, crafting visually compelling narratives that accentuate the essence and appeal of businesses through captivating perspectives.
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Home Photos
Curate your cherished moments and architectural highlights with a collection of captivating Home Photos, each frame encapsulating the essence and beauty of residential spaces.
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Virtual Staging
Elevate your property's visual appeal through the artistry of Virtual Staging, where cutting-edge design meets digital innovation to enhance and showcase the aesthetic potential of any space.
Check our Headshots collection, where expertly crafted portraits illuminate the personalities of real estate owners, adding a personal touch to the narrative of each home.
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My experience with Bouldin photography has been extremely positive! I consider Linda to be part of our office team. Not only is she eKEY certified but she drives 100 plus mile radius for her clients. She doesn’t sell them in a package to you she takes the pictures and captures the property in full detail. Then she has the ability to have her editor take out anything or brighten up were needed.

She offers not only standalone but also 3-D, matter port, virtual staging and also licensed drone photography!

Linda is is extremely affordable in all areas of real estate photography. I am so happy I met her as I consider her a great friend and team member.

- Mary Lyons Weller
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